When The World Went Lockdown, Our Homes Turned Into Private Dance Halls

It’s 2020. Clubs are closed. Bars are closed. Coffee shops are closed. The pandemic left little reason for joy until disco showed up, and brought “Dancing Queen” back to the mainstream.

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Made by Sergey Volosianyi.

Dua Lipa and “Future Nostalgia”

Dua Lipa and her songwriters are well-behaved students: they did good research of the subject matter, took all the pieces needed and discarded everything that was too niche or musically complicated. The final product is noting from being excellent. It’s an A+, take a seat!

Jessie Ware and “What’s Your Pleasure”

Jessie Ware is known for expanding her boundaries and adding new genres to her music empire artistic territories. “What’s Your Pleasure” finally brings her into the universal spotlight. It’s an album that has a quality of handheld danceability you can fit in the metes and bounds of your bedroom. The production is lush and rousing yet intimate and deep-toned —like a secret lover you want to keep just for yourself. Simply discolicious.

Lady Gaga and “Chromatica”

I can’t imagine a better time for Lady Gaga’s comeback than 2020. She hasn’t released a dance album in more than five years since her rambling “Artpop". This teary, Gaga is serving choleric beats on a flashing platter.

Roisin Murhpy and “Roisin Machine”

Since the release of her epic second album “Overpowered, Roisin Murphy went on a long and thorny journey of experimental pop and we could see her sound getting more and more sophisticated, yet often unattainable. In her latest release, the singer finally marrieds her “machine” and “human” sides, making a perfect dance record for a comfy-homey rave party your whole family could enjoy.

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