In Ukrainian Music, The 2010s Are The New 90s

It all starts in a “Sad Dance" and ends with a “Scandal”

Luna and Her “Sad Dance”

Luna released her first album “Маг-ни-ты” in 2016 and suddenly became the biggest indie-pop star across all post-Soviet countries. At that moment, Kristina Gerasimova was the archetypal ambassador of her generation: someone who physically lives in the present but mentally she is stuck in the aesthetics of the past. She was a model and a photographer. She was a vegetarian who also practised meditation and occasionally smoked weed. She was at the heart of nightlife in Kyiv but she was also a young mother with a good deal of drama in her personal life. In some sense, she was the elite and the ordinary, which is why Luna was the perfect stage name for Kristina — impossible to touch yet irresistible not to watch at night.

The 2010s Are The New 90s

For the next four years, the 90s and early 00s became a vital source of inspiration for musicians all across the board. In pop music, Loboda and Max Barskih released two highly successful and nostalgically-sounding singles “Твои глаза” and “Туманы” respectively which they followed by dropping similarly nostalgic albums.

Tina Karol and Her Ultimate Leap Forward

As unlikely as it might sound, Tina Karol is the very person who concludes the 90s epoch by recently releasing her eighth album “Красиво”. She’s adored by the public at large and disliked by the music snobs and connoisseurs of “quality” music. She has begun her career in the early 00s and made her way up to this day — becoming perhaps the most well-known pop star in Ukraine. Along the way, she made a ton of questionable choices in her music, from the repertoire and vocal arrangements to artistic imagery and cheesy lyrics. The only thing that seemed to remain constant was her aspiration for perpetual betterment. It’s 15 years later, and now I can see an artist who has grown both personally and professionally — and she finally releases an album that is nothing less than timely and perfect.

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